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Crickhowell Community Primary School

Crickhowell Community Primary School

Year 6 - 2019/2020

Friday March 20th - this was not the usual last day of school for our amazing Year 6 class. We thought of all the things we would miss out on in the non-existent Summer Term and created short films to imagine what they would be like. Please enjoy the silliness, creativity and fun of these improvised short sketches. And who knows? We may be back in school to experience some of these things!



Above, four friends look back on their friendship.  Below sees the arrival of the Leavers Hoodies and the end of year party.



Obviously, summer would not be summer without the London trip:-



And then we have the end of the year show, complete with proud parents. 



It wouldn't be summer term without the National Tests - and another party.



One of the best things about the summer term is being able to eat lunch outside. And then there's the Summer Fair, of course.